Know The Intricacies Of Growing Marijuana In Home

Besides some stigma attached ‘how to grow marijuana’ is not at all an issue if you have some basic gardening knowledge. All you have to do is to pay some quality attention and have a great enthusiasm to grow this wonderful plant cannabis or marijuana in your own grow-space at your home. The real purpose of this post is to educate the readers on how to grow medical marijuana in their home environment. The well-known Marijuana or Cannabis has several names such as weed, pot, ganja and many more. Basically, these terms simply refer to the dried buds of the female marijuana plant which is the clear definition of marijuana as explained by the botanical experts across the world.

The debate over growing marijuana indoor or outdoor is paramount. The entire lifecycle of this wonderful marijuana is interesting. The seeds grow during the spring, and the Cannabis grows during summer. The grown cannabis yield flowers which undergo pollination process as the female plants produce seeds. The matured cannabis dies during winter and the whole lifecycle repeats. Interestingly, the stages of the lifecycle process can be easily controlled when the plant is grown indoors. Also, such indoor cultivation does not have the risk of your cannabis plant stolen or even caught by the authorities if you live in the place where the cannabis is banned.

Growing cannabis plant indoor has several key steps, and the grower has to follow these steps meticulously. Choosing the right place is the first and foremost aspect one needs to decide. Places like basement, attic, are considered to be the best places to grow cannabis. Next comes, the selection of the container like pots or buckets with drainage holes at the bottom of the container. One has to ensure the top portion of the container is filled with quality potting soil and the bottom with the good amount of gravel for smooth drainage. One can also buy these pots filled with the right materials from the local nursery stores. Some stores offer special pots for growing indoor cannabis.

Here one should know the fact that cannabis plants do not grow in acidic conditions and hence a grower has to look for the soil that has the pH level of 6 and 7 so that it can it can retain nutrients as well as the moisture. Next comes, the factor of proper lighting. Cannabis plants need a solid amount of lighting, and hence a grower has to ensure artificial lighting by using the LED grow lights which are easily available in the market.

The LED lights are considered to be far superior to the traditional fluorescent lighting used in the past. The growth of cannabis plants is determined by the amount of light they receive in a day. If they receive light for more hours, they grow faster. As per experts, it is always suggested that a grower can use a timer facility for the lighting set up. By this, one can be assured of the expected lighting for the plants without any human intervention.