Things To Know About A Steam Mop


The traditional mops have a lot of disadvantages and to overcome them steam mops are a useful option. They can clean all types of surfaces including cleaning laminate floors without the use of chemicals. Moreover, there is no need for you to get down on your hands and knees to do the cleaning they ensure that the surface is shining and kills all the bacteria too. It is useful for people who suffer from allergies as they forcefully remove all the dirt, allergens and mites from the floor. At first you may feel that it is a considerable investment, but eventually, it turns out even as you will not need any additional tools or cleaning supplies. So steam mops are effective, safe eco-friendly and healthy cleaning solution.

Difference between a steam cleaner and a steam mop
A steam mop is also a type of steam cleaner, but there are a few things that differentiate between the two. Steam cleaners use a brush to clean the surfaces while steam mops use a cloth pad on a plastic head. Moreover, the primary purpose of a steam cleaner is to clean the carpets whereas the steam mops are useful on a range of floor types.

Floor surfaces steam mops can be used on:
Steam mops are useful on all types of floors and the transition from traditional mops to steam floor mops. You should carefully read all the instructions that come with the mop. There is no need for the use of any cleaning products, all you will need is just water and a pad which is made of microfibre. Once you switch the mop on, it will take a few minutes for the heating of the product. It can be used on tiles, granite, vinyl, and marble. Ensure you take all the precautions to avoid injury.

These mops can be used on laminate floors, but a little care needs to be taken while cleaning this floor. You should first test it on a small area in a corner and ensure that there is no damage to it. If you see that the laminate crumples or it starts to discolor, then you should stop using it.

Tips and tricks:
To remove tough spots, the mop should be pointed on that area for more than a usual time that helps the steam to break down the grime. Click here to know more such tricks.
After each cleaning session, clean the microfiber cloth with water so that the mop cleans effectively.
Vacuum the surface and remove all the dust before you use the steam mop for cleaning.

Steam mops are a healthy option for not just people who are allergic but others too. Also, it is easy to store, within budget, saves time and offers great peace of mind. It can not only use it on surfaces but just about everything in your house. That means you will not need any other product to clean which saves you money.

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